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Back in action



∈ We are a team in search of a clan. We mostly play on LAN. Until now we only used the
Internet as a training platform, we have now started to focus more on competitive Internet gaming than just using it as a chance for
preparation. ∋


∈ We DO NOT have our own rules, we simply follow the rules of the ESL - Europe and expect the same from our opponents. ∋

∈ The ESL rules for the MR 12 Ladder can be found here: rules ∋

∈ We try to play against everybody who wishes to play against us, but that is simply impossible because of our tight schedule, therefore we would thank you for contacting one of our active players before challenging us. ∋

∈ We act fairly towards every opponent and we would appreciate the same from you. ∋

∈ Our server settings have been set as recommended by gotfrag.com, therefore you can be sure that with the correct net settings you will hit exactly where you aim. If you doubt that, we will act fair (unlike other clans) and play your map on your server but we will wan\'t too play our map on our server. ∋

∈ We do not rate your performance during the match, we rate your behaviour and we ask you kindly to do the same. ∋

∈ The loser of the match should be fair enough not to insult/flame/give a bad rating. ∋

∈ We don\'t mind handing out demos at all but we would appreciate if you limit the number of demos you want upped to spare us the time we don\'t have, we will only ask for demos if we suspect that the game wasn\'t played by the rules of the ESL ∋

∈ As a reminder: \"Please note that the use of Cheats is a violation of your End User License Agreement for the software and/or your Steam Subscriber Agreement. ∋

∈ If Valve or the game host detects your use of Cheats on an VAC-enabled server, your Steam Subscription and/or your product key for the software will be banned from playing on VAC-enabled servers for one (1) year.\" ∋

∈ In other words, cheating is a crime and your CD-Key will be blocked by VALVE. ∋

∈ Now that everything is cleared we wish you the best of luck and loads of fun. ☺ ∋