In Memory of ESL Call of Duty  [LEGACY]  id:  8694656
Honorary member
Name Permission Member since Gameaccounts
Fighter 2951 days
PokerTH Nickname: ESL AnGeL  (24.01.14)
Fighter 2947 days
PokerTH Nickname: [noas]crank  (06.01.14)
Uplay Nick: NOAScRanK  (20.01.16)
Leader 2950 days
PokerTH Nickname: Maxx22  (11.04.14)
PUBG ID: Maxx22  (20.08.17)
Fighter 2860 days
Fighter 2949 days
Call of Duty: Mobile ID: NNN1co  (18.06.20)
Nintendo Friend Code: SW-7466-1494-1410  (26.11.20)
PokerTH Nickname: flexolas  (11.12.20)
PSN Online ID: NNN1co  (25.01.19)
PUBG ID: OttoKlaus  (18.10.19)
Steam Account: Nico #govegan  (23.05.19)
Summoner Name (EU-West): Tihak  (26.05.20)
Fighter 2953 days
Uplay Nick: fatherkius  (09.09.18)
Fighter 2950 days

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