Rating Strong Fist of Valorans 

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League of Legends 2on2 Ladder
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26.10.10 BountyKillers Detail
26.10.10 unknown creatures Detail
19.10.10 SnowWhiteQueen*s Detail
11.10.10 PurePWNage 2on2 Detail
27.09.10 Underpowered Detail
26.09.10 NeRd HeRd (2on2) Detail
25.09.10 Die Muskebiere Detail
25.09.10 BorN To Kill 2on2 Detail
04.09.10 mad maniaX Detail

League of Legends 2on2 Fight Cup #12
created from rating comment match
05.10.10 geberkonferenz 2on2 gg Detail