Maik 'pacmaN' Vierkötter  id: 3711786
CPU Intel Xeon X5690 6C/12T 3,4 GHz | OC @ 4,52 GHz
RAM 24GB Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1333 MHz @ 1550 MHz
Videocard Gigabyte GTX 1060 6GB G1 Gaming
Storage 120GB Sandisk SSD | 2000GB HDD
Motherboard MSI X58 Pro-E
Display 2x ASUS 24 Zoll 60 Hz
OS Windows 10 & Arch Linux
Antivirus Avast Premier
Mouse Sharkoon Drakonia Green
Mousepad Roccat Sense Meteor Blue 2mm
Keyboard LESHP
Headphones Logitech G35
Connection 120k Glasfaser
TV Samsung 55" 4K
Sound system 2x 30cm Subwoofers + 700W Endstufe
Console(s) Xbox One S
Handheld(s) PS Vita + PSP (Raspberry Pi Zero selfmade Mod)
Mobile Phone LG G4 | Imperium ROM | rooted + Ubuntu | 8200mAh
Favourite Websites
Website 1
Website 2
Website 3
Project Manager of QDER eSports
Former ESL Master League Admin Staff Europe
Former ESL & CSL Graphic Designer Staff Germany
Missing the ESL times 2008-2012..

His since '07:
virtualMONSTERS (Project Manager) [2008]
n!faculty (Editor) [2009]
myRevenge e.V. (Orga CSS Ukraine & DoDS Spain) [2010]
Team Sexpistols (Project Manager) [2010/2011]
Team gamed!de (Server Support) [2011]
EYES ON U Multigaming (Graphic Designer) [2011]
Team ALTERNATE (Editor / Graphic Designer) [2011]
EYES ON U Multigaming (Art Director) [2011/2012]
QDER eSports (Project Manager) [2017/-]