m4Ssa  id: 2584571
CPU Intel i7 920
RAM Corsair 6Gb Extreme
Videocard Sapphire HD4890 Vapor-X
Soundcard OnBoard
Storage Samsung 500 GB
Motherboard Gigabyte UD-5
Display Fujitsu Siemens Scaloeoview Q22-W1
OS Windows 7 Professional
Antivirus Kaspersky
Mouse Logitech G5
Mouse Skatez Logitech
Mousepad Alugraphics ESL Limited Edition 25/50
Keyboard Logitech Mediakeyboard
Headphones Steelseries H5V2
Connection T-Com Dsl 6000
Wheel/Pedals Nein/Nein
Joypad Nein
TV Nein
Sound system Logitech
Console(s) Gamecube/Playstation2
Handheld(s) Nintendo DS
Drink Ipanema
Food Lasange
Movie I Am Legend
Music Alternative; NewMetal
Song That Boy That Girl
Book The name of the Wind
Book author Patrick Rothfuss
Person Phil 'Filly' Klockow; Dennis 'Take' Gehlen
Actor / Actress Will Smith
Car Audi TT
Sport Skiing
Athlete Christiano Ronaldo
Map de_Inferno
Clan Raptor-Gaming
Player miou
Game Hero Dr Manhattan
Race (Humans/Orcs/..) Human
Genre Cs:s
Console Pc
Favourite Websites
Website 1 http://tv.esl.eu
Website 2 http://www.mygulli.com
Website 3 http://www.smoothfewfilms..
Website 4 http://www.gidf.de
Latest Events:
- ASUS ENC 2010 Finals (Cologne, Germany, gamescom 2010)