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Michael 'el yoda' Krumb  id: 4416943

Name Michael Krumb
Nick el yoda
Member since 10/09/09
Age / Gender 30 Years / male
Nationality  Spain
Territory, City Germany, Darmstadt  (64xxx)
Occupation ART WORK
Main team ulow- -
Homepage --
Level & Awards
  9 Awards  
Counter-Strike: Source
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Warcraft 3: The frozen Throne
CoD:MW2 (PC)
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Clubs  public
Recent matches
  CS:S Open Ladder 1on1 AWP Europe
loss shine  -36 Wednesday, 08/02/12 18:00 0
  Counter-Strike: Source 1on1 Ladder
loss E s c 4 L a d e  -2 Sunday, 27/03/11 15:55 6
  Counter-Strike: Source Funmap Aimmap 1on1 AWP Ladder
loss dynam1k  -19 Sunday, 06/02/11 09:13 5
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